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About us
About Us

AD Butcher & Steak has been a well-known Steakhouse in Shah Alam serving the ultimate dry aged & fresh steaks. With a wide selection of Premium Meats such as Japanese Wagyu A5, Australian Wagyu , Premium Angus, Black Angus and Grainfed, everyone is able to enjoy this delicious steaks according to their taste and budget. All our meat is certified Halal by JAKIM.
AD Butcher & Steak's specials include high-quality Dry Aged Steak processed professionally in a specially made dry aging chamber from 30 days up to 120 days. This process results in deeper, softer meat and also creates a unique flavor. We are introducing our new online menu where you can purchase all your favorite steaks, burgers etc. online as a takeaway or delivery (coming soon). Stop by our store today for an exceptional shopping experience.


We understand the struggle of finding high quality steak cuts here in Malaysia. That's why we are starting a new business concept called "AD Butcher Online Store". In which, we offer variety of finest cattle breeds, fresh and dry aged with many steak cuts such as Sirloin, Rib eye, Tomahawk, T-Bone, etc. for you to get the most satisfied experience cooking these wonderful steaks. You can also refer to our blog for steak cooking recipes and methods.

Happiness is great food
and great company!

What People Say


Doc Syed | Food Critics United

A place where you can chill to good steaks and comfort drinks. We call for their Angus. I got my meat done to specifications, and the vegetables sautéed nicely. And Mrs who is very particular on her steaks finished her’s well before I did mine. And she complimented the black pepper sauce being nicely balanced.

The Angus is tender and juicy & the portion generous for the price. I would say they are the better choice of the meat places in Bukit Jelutong. 

steak medium rare.png

Zareen Zaki

Had dinner last night with my family and got the dry aged black angus tomahawk with some other dishes as well. The tomahawk was delicious, juicy and well worth the price. It’s big and fulfilling enough to share between 5 people. The roasted chicken was moist, juicy and delicious as well as having a big portion. Besides the food, the service was good as well. Our waiter was very helpful and friendly. We had a great night, thank you!

tomahawk medium rare.png

Rishah Mohd

Why want to fly out to Salt Bae Restaurant overseas? We have 1 here in Malaysia for premium steaks. Warm and welcoming ambiance. Cool jazz music to accompany dining atmosphere. Reasonable price for the quality given.

Highly responsive, attentive, and superb friendly attitude . It does feel as if I am back to a very close relative @ family house. Undeniably and unbeatable taste for Dry Age Meat. Come here. Enjoy the Elegance of Meat with friendly host.

roasted chicken.png

Felicia Yeoh

1st time trying this place. Had their Mushroom Soup with Truffle and Garlic Bread , Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes with a side of salad plus Cabonara Beef Pasta. Mushroom soup was delicious, garlic bread was tasty (and fragrant). My roasted chicken breast was cooked to perfection and was succulent. Mash was good as well.. Service was great as well.Worth the try..

tbone steak.png

Atikah Halim

Dad was craving steak and we were looking up steakhouses and decided on this restaurant to have dinner and least to say it was the best decision. Food was great and drink was good and the ambience was even better BUT the best part about this dining experience is the service. The staff was exemplary and all of them was so helpful and was very kind.  If you want to have a cozy experience with your friends or family then I would highly suggest this place.

tomahawk medium rare 2.png

Mr Asri

I appreciate it very much that the staff take their time to explain to me the ageing, buttery process etc , good info to this old inquisitive mind. I'd say mushroom soup is tasty, ribs is value for money, the whole family really enjoyed it. But the star is the tomahawk, I like it medium rare and thats what I get, even when a small part was a tad rare, the staff is happy enough to grill it to medium rare. I would say, book a table there before you spend your next bonus.


AD Butcher & Steak has been a well-known Steakhouse in Shah Alam serving the ultimate dry aged & fresh steaks. 

"AD Butcher Online Store" where you can purchase all your raw meat especially steak cuts such as Rib eye, Tomahawk, T-Bone, etc. to be quickly delivered to your doorstep.  

Locate Us

21, Trivo Jelutong, Seksyen U8, DE,
Jalan Bazar P U8/P,

Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel: +60 37-831 1567
WS: +60 16-267 0248


Operating Hours: 

5:00PM - 10:00PM

Closed on Tuesday. 

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