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Welcome to Malaysia's First NFT Restaurant | Rewarding customers with free NFT | The First Dine-to-Earn Concept

The rules are simple: Collect our NFTs for future freebies & discounts.
Grand prize: BBQ Back Ribs (Worth RM159) on your 8th Visit.
*If you are new to NFT, click here to learn what is NFT.
To Participate in our Dine-to-Earn, follow the steps below: 
1. You can collect our NFT using either these methods:
  • Dine-in at AD Butcher & Steak & get free NFT by filling up the form below.
  • Buy our NFT from Pentas Io. users who previously visited us. Click here. This method allows you to reduce the number of visits.
2. Verify your collected NFT (powered by SummerWatch) using MetaMask browser (Click here and copy the link). Or scan the QR code below using MetaMask QR camera.
3. Show your steak NFTs to our staff & enjoy your rewards as per stated in the picture.
4. Holds our Partners NFTs for 15% discount on your total bill. Verify using SummerWatch Technology when you dine-in. Click here to view all partners.
dine to earn 1-1 ratio.png
Are you dining in with us right now? Fill up the form below with your receipt no. (after you complete the payment at our restaurant), then paste your Metamask wallet address to receive 1 random NFT from us! Within 24H from your visit time. 

In case of extra wallet suspected, all users shall not receive any airdrops.
steak nft1.jpeg
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