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The First Dry Aged Fish in Malaysia: Experience the Magic Taste at AD Butcher & Steak

Updated: Feb 24

Are you a fish lover looking for a new twist to your seafood dishes? If you haven’t heard of dry-aged fish, you’re in for a treat.

Dry-aged fish is a culinary method that not only unlocks the flavors of your favorite fish, but also tenderizes the meat for a succulent experience. At AD Butcher & Steak, we are proud to be the first in Malaysia to dry age fish steak in-house. Read on as we explore dry-aged fish and the benefits of dry-aged salmon steak.

Fish in dry ager
Malaysia's First Dry Aged Fish

Introduction to Dry-Aged Fish

Dry aging fish is a process of curing fish with a combination of cold temperatures, humidity, and air movement. This curing process helps preserve the fish while also deepening its flavor and enhancing its texture. The process is similar to aging beef, but it is much shorter. For example, beef is typically aged for 30-90 days, while fish is usually aged for a 10-50days. The primary benefit of dry-aged fish is that it unlocks the flavors of the fish and makes them more complex and interesting. It also helps tenderize the flesh, making it juicier and easier to cook. This method of curing fish is particularly popular in sushi restaurants, where chef