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Dry Aged Steaks: Your Full Guide - Dry Aged Wagyu

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Have you ever heard of dry aged steaks before?

YES! They are regarded as one of the most expensive steaks in the world. This does not look appetizing to many people but if you are a steak lover, then you will love this. This is what we call Dry Aging Process.

30 Days Premium Angus Ribeye
30 Days Premium Angus Ribeye

What does dry aging mean?

Dry-aging is a controlled decomposition process of the meat using precise temperature and humidity levels.

In scientific terms, during the dry aging process (overtime), the moisture is drawn out of the meat. This causes the beef flavour to become even beefier and more flavorful. What’s more, the aging process causes the beef’s natural enzymes to break down the connective tissue in the meat, making it more tender.

During the dry aging process, a crust of fungus grows on the outside of the meat. So, it’s important to trim off all the outer skin before you cook it.

30 days Dry Aged Wagyu MB7
30 days Dry Aged Wagyu MB7

How dry aged steak is different from the normal fresh steak?

Dry aged steak is a way more tender and flavorful than the normal steak. The flavour is enhanced and intensified.

It’s important to highlight that the meat doesn’t spoil during this time because you age it in conditions that tightly control the levels of moisture and bacteria.

How long to Dry age?

here’s the bottom line: in terms of tenderness, aging is most effective between 14 – 28 days.

For a taste: 30-90 days of dry aging will bring out some incredible characteristics in your beef, and intensify the flavour.

What’s the difference between dry and wet aging?

Wet aged beef is usually aged inside a vacuum-sealed bag to retain its moisture. Thus, none of its weight is lost during the process.

While dry aged beef is usually aged in a controlled environment using precise temperature and humidity allowing other environmental factors to take place such as growing of fungus on the external layer.

They both tenderize the meat but only dry aging does enhance the taste of beef. That’s why dry aging is more common than wet aging.

Dry Aging Fridge at AD Butcher & Steak

What type of cut should be dry aged?

It’s better to choose a bigger cut like a T-Bone or porterhouse because during the process, the meat loses around 10-20% of its initial weight.

Dry aging is only suited to sub-primal e.g. whole chunks of meat before they’ve been cut into steaks), not individual steaks.

Why is dry aged steak more expensive?

Because the process takes a long time and requires precise temperature, humidity, and air-flow controlled refrigerators.

45 days Dry Aged Angus Tomahawk
45 days Dry Aged Angus Tomahawk

What so special about the dry aged steak served in AD Butcher and Steak?

Well here we don’t dry age the average steak to be good but instead we dry age the good steak to be better and the better steak to be the best. This is to ensure the most satisfying experience for our customers. Are you ready to taste the best steak in the world? Dry aged Japanese Wagyu A5? Sounds like a weapon name. it has the destructive taste of wanting it more and more. The Japanese wagyu A5 is already the most tender, how about with dry aging? I can’t imagine!! Read more

IT Has never been easier to find the tender, delicious dry aged beef.

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